SPIDER-MAN (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Techno-Wars) action figures

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Anti-Symbiote Spidey (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Techno-Wars)
Repeatedly faced with the threat of Venom, Carnage, and their symbiote brethren, Spider-Man sought the aid of the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards to develop specialized anti-symbiote equipment! Employing sonic disruptor weapons and a symbiote containment chamber, Spider-Man has everything he needs to capture a symbiote, allowing the Guardsmen to safely transport it to the Vault for incarceration.
Hyper Tech Spider-Man (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Techno-Wars)
Going up against the strongest creatures on Earth is no small task - that's why Spider-Man has borrowed Iron Man's Hyper Tech armor! Composed of an incredibly lightweight titanium steel alloy, the Hyper Tech armor utilizes high-speed hydraulics that give Spider-Man the extra power he needs, without slowing him down! And Spidey's got to move fast, because when the forces of evil get angry, no armor can stand up to those crushing blows for long!
Radioactive Spider Armor Spider-Man (Spectacular, Techno-Wars)
An explosion rocks Dr. Connors' Neogenic lab at Empire State University - and Spider-Man must rush to his aid! To protect him from the high levels of radiation, Spider-Man must don a suit of anti-radiation armor. Developed by Tony Stark, the armor allows Spider-Man to move safely through Connors' lab - and with the special claw attachment hardware, it's just what Spidey needs to help Doc Connors put everything right!
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