Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus Classic action figures

Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus (Classic)

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"A comic book icon known worldwide for over 30 years, Spider-Man's message is clear: with great power, comes great responsibility. This is the story of Peter Parker - an ordinary boy transformed into Spider-Man from the bite of a radioactive spider. Through all of his exciting adventures and sensational battles with sinister super-villains, young Peter still relates to his fellow citizens as he tries to maintain a normal life working as a newspaper photographer in New York.

Dr. Otto Octavius has dedicated his warped genius to the eradication of his most hated foe: the Amazing Spider-Man! Dr. Octavius' abilities derive from his four steel tentacles. Attached to a harness encircling his lower chest and waist, each telepathically controlled, telescoping limb can move at speeds of up to 90 feet per second and strike with the force of a jackhammer. Also, Doc Ock is able to generate a 50-mph wind by spinning the prehensile extremities like a giant fan."

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