SPIDER-MAN (Web Trap) action figures

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Monster Spider (Web Trap)
Caught in a radiation blast while saving a group of scientists, Spider-Man begins to mutate uncontrollably. Transforming into a creature more spider than man, unable to stop the mutation, Spidey goes to the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards for help. Treating the monster Spider-Man with more radiation begins the process of healing, but not before the hero escapes into the night.
Spider-Man with Web Net Trap (Web Trap)
Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker accidentally gained the small creature's abilities! Now he uses his amazing powers as well as devices like his web-shooters, to fight crime as Spider-Man. Facing vicious villains like the Rhino and the Scorpion, Spidey has become even more innovative. Using his newly created web traps, Spider-Man overcomes even the most powerful foes every time!
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