Spirit of Fire Red Team Halo Action Figure 3-Pack Anniversary Series 2

Spirit of Fire - Red Team 3-Pack (Anniversary Series 2)

Spirit of Fire - Red Team 3-Pack (Anniversary Series 2)
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"This special Halo Wars boxed set features three heroic Spartan-IIs: Jerome, Douglas, and Alice, collectively known as Red Team. This trio of super-soldiers fought alongside the crew of the Spirit of Fire, defending them from the dangers encountered on Shield 0459. Our Red Team 3-pack brings back the leader, Jerome-092, and completes the team with two never-before-released figures of Douglas-042 and Alice-130. Each includes some serious firepower to help them carry out their mission: Jerome comes with a Spartan Laser, Alice comes with dual SMGs, and Douglas comes with a Shotgun. One Spartan is a force to be reckoned with, but a coordinated team of them is virtually unstoppable. Go back to 2531, before the fall of Reach, and get the complete Red Team, all in one box! Each are 6"" scale."
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Spirit of Fire - Red Team 3-Pack (Anniversary Series 2)
Appreciate your sales and service
Excellent communication at all times - owner went above and beyond to ensure the product was right and received
The Item is perfect - Thank You for being very customer service oriented and professional. Highly recommend. Thank you and Happy Holidays