Stark Tech Assault Armor Iron Man Mark VI Action Figure Avengers

Stark Tech Assault Armor Iron Man Mark VI (Avengers)

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"Built for IRON MAN, this armor amplifies the power of his repulsors, using them to charge batteries of missiles, boost his strength, and protect him from almost any damage. When even the AVENGERS aren't quite enough to handle a crisis, the STARK TECH ASSAULT ARMOR is there to bring the pain to the bad guys. Villains might as well skip town when your IRON MAN Mark VI figure is in his STARK TECH ASSAULT ARMOR! This detailed figure looks just like the metal-clad hero you already know. But he's got something other figures don't have - a STARK TECH ASSAULT ARMOR suit that makes him practically invincible! The armor's hatch opens so you can fit your IRON MAN Mark VI figure inside. Snap on the shoulder and arm blasters, and you'll have the ultimate armored enemy of evildoers everywhere! 4"" tall figure comes with 7"" tall armor and accessories."
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