Transformers Robot Heroes Decepticon Sneak Attack action figures

Transformers Robot Heroes (Decepticon Sneak Attack)

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OPTIMUS PRIME lays a trap for MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS, and if all goes according to plan, the evil robots will be defeated once and for all. MIRAGE creates a holographic replica of an important rocket base to lure the DECEPTICONS in, but as the battle begins, the AUTOBOTS discover only a few of their enemies are real. MEGATRON has tricked them, and the real rocket base is under attack as they speak!

Race into action with the galaxy’s greatest collection of mighty metal warriors! The most powerful heroes from the planet CYBERTRON are here to battle for the fate of the universe. With the incredible ability to change into every day objects and technology beyond your wildest dreams, these ROBOT HEROES are more than meets the eye!

3.5" tall five-pack of chunky, stylized characters includes CLIFFJUMPER, OPTIMUS PRIME with supermetal finish, MEGATRON with supermetal finish, hologram MIRAGE and SKYWARP figures!

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