Amazon Warrior Velasca Xena Princess action figure


gray stars
"Gabrielle brings Xena's lifeless body to the Amazons for a proper warrior's funeral. When she arrives she discovers that with the death of the Queen by Velasca, Gabrielle is the heir to the throne as she possesses the Right of Cast given her by the Amazon warrior Terreis. Meanwhile, Xena finds herself caught between earth and the Other Side, where her spiritual guardian, M'Lila, convinces her she must return to the world. Xena's spirit takes over Autolycus's body and goes after Ambrosia, the food of the gods and the only substance that will reclaim her body from death. Velasca, intent on using the Ambrosia to become a goddess, battles Xena, who has possessed Garielle's body. In the end, Velasca falls to her death and Gabrielle gives Xena the Ambrosia, restoring the Warrior Princess to life. Includes tribal mask & ambrosia cave."
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