Warthog Halo Series 1 action figure vehicle

Warthog (series 1)

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"The M12 LRV ""Warthog"" is an all-terrain Light Reconnaissance Vehicle that is the backbone of the UNSC military. The Warthog carries a driver, passenger and gunner for the rear-mounted machine gun, the M1100-Mk II Vehicle Mounted Support Weapon.

The Warthog is known for its rugged, nearly indestructible design and puma-like agility, though Marines note it is prone to fishtailing at high speeds. The Warthog is primarily used as a scout vehicle, or to provide support to a combat team. When manned by a skilled driver, gunner and Marine riding ""shotgun"", the Warthog packs a swift, devastating punch.

Include Master Chief & Marine figures."

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