White Multiplayer Elite Halo 2 ToyRocket Exclusive action figure

White Multiplayer Elite (Halo 2, Limited Edition)

gray stars
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The iron heart of the Covenant military, the Elites have fought with honor and valor to secure the Covenant's position as the most feared fighting force in the Galaxy. It is a time of change for the Elites, their military and hierarchical dominance is being challenged by their ambitious allies, the Brutes.
At eight feet tall, Elites tower over human opponents and lesser Covenant species...and hold them all in equal contempt. Elites live for battle and conquest, and though they are lethal with a wide range of Covenant arms, they delight in the intimate savagery of hand-to-hand combat.
Of all the warrior classes, they alone are equipped with full-body energy shielding, which absorbs damage from small arms fire and explosives. Between the Elite's shields, their formidable metallic armor, and the angular lines of their helmets, opponents can be fooled into thinking they're machines, but closer inspection of their fanged mandibles and leathery skin reveals the beast within.

A 2006 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.