Wolverine Forge Marvel Legends action figures

Wolverine & Forge (Marvel Legends)

gray stars
"Embroiled in a war bigger than either of them could ever have imagined, WOLVERINE and FORGE find themselves fighting alongside each other for the fate of an alien empire. WOLVERINE is deep within his element as he leaps into battle alongside the Starjammers, while FORGE is nearly out of his depth. He is not used to being on the front lines of a fight, preferring instead to offer support through his inventions. While WOLVERINE lays about him with his claws, shrugging off blasts from Shi'ar lasers, FORGE must rely on his mutant technical abilities to modify local technology into a form that will keep him, and his allies, alive.

Team up with this battle-ready pair of detailed figures and take on the alien empire or whatever other edge-of-your-seat adventures you can dream up! Wolverine and Forge figures come with interchangeable parts for added battle excitement!"

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