Wolverine Marvel Legends XII Unmasked Apocalypse Series action figure

Wolverine (Marvel Legends XII, unmasked)

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Little is known about the man known as Logan whose past remains shrouded in mystery. The feral warrior, code-named Wolverine, possesses genetically endowed animal-keen senses of smell, sight and hearing, as well as a mutant healing factor that can mend almost any wound. His deadliest weapons are his razor-sharp, extendible claws and skeleton both made of unbreakable metal alloy called Adamantium. However, with these abilities comes a curse, a bezerker rage that he must forever struggle to control. Now Logan must contain the beast raging within while he battles to protect a world that fears and hates him! Features 34 points of articulation and includes a 32 page comic book and the "left leg" of Apocalypse.