X-MEN (Generation X) action figures

Banshee (Generation-X)
"One look at his dossier will show why Sean Cassidy was chosen as new headmaster at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. His mutant power - a devastating sonic scream - earned him the code-name Banshee, and a long-standing place with the X-Men. A former Interpol agent, and father of a mutant daughter, Cassidy has what it takes to transform this inexperienced group of teenagers into the highly-trained team called Generation X. Features Portable Cerebro Blaster and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
"The privileged life of Jonathan Starsmore was shattered forever when his mutant ability emerged for the first time. Most of his chest and lower jaw was blown away because he couldn't control the powerful psionic-biokinetic energy that exists within him. Chamber is the oldest of Banshee's new pupils, but he'll have to emerge from the shell that his injury has forced him into, before he can emerge as a leader of his fellow students. Features Sparking Energy Portal and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
"It's unknown how long the evil being known only as Emplate has existed. Uninterested in plots of destruction or world domination, the mysterious mutant has one concern only: satisfying the eternal hunger that possesses him. To do this he feeds on the genetic marrow of other mutants - the younger the better! This, coupled with his ability to rechannel energy that he absorbs, makes him a most dangerous threat to Generation X. Features Arm Extending Action, includes ""DOA"" and Gen-X Display Base!"
Jubilee (Generation-X)
"Jubilation Lee spent lots of time in the malls of Southern California before she first displayed her mutant powers. It was her time spent as an X-Man, however, that may have spoiled Jubilee - now that she's just another student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. But considering her studies will include how to fully develop her ability to create explosive plasma 'fireworks', there's bound to be plenty of excitement. 5"" tall figure features Plasma Hurling Action and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
"To survive a devastating attack upon them, a group of Morlocks - exiled mutants living beneath the streets of Manhattan - were teleported to another dimension. Enraged at being driven from their home, a twisted young woman called Marrow devised a means to return to Earth and exact revenge upon those she held responisble: humans! Dead set on destruction, Marrow will use her mutant ability to rend bone weapons from her own body against anyone who gets in her way! Features Detachable Bone Weaponry and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
"The latest addition to the Xavier School's newest class of young mutants, Mondo may very well be the stundent with the most to learn. Hailing from a worry-free island paradise, the happy-go-lucky Mondo is an extremely powerful mutant ""omnimorph"" - possessing the ability to absorb the properties, and take the shape, of all types of matter. Mondo's teachers, Banshee and Emma Frost, must instruct him in the use of his powers and instill in Mondo a battle instinct he will require if he is to survive as a member of Generation X."
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"The young woman called Penance possesses the mutant ability to internalize negative energy around her, turning her body into a diamond-hard, razor-sharp weapon. Held prisoner by the energy-stealing mutant Empath for an undetermined number of years, she escaped and was transported to the doorstep of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Now, Banshee and Emma Frost face the challenge of reaching out to help a girl who can slice apart anything she touches. Features Claw Slashing Action and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
$9.99 $24.99
"The entity called Harvest was once a human man with a loving family, and successful career. He willingly tossed that all away when he allowed himeself to be wholly assimilated into the Phalanx, a techno-organic species determined to rid the world of mutants. An evolving life form, the Phalanx is capable of adapting to mutant powers, and can't be beaten the same way twice! Intent on preserving humanity, its directive is simple: absorb those who oppose, destroy those who cannot be absorbed! Features Live Captive Heads and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
"Angelo Espinosa's body has six extra feet of skin - this is his mutant ""gift"". Even he doesn't quite understand how it works and although he would never admit it, that scares him. He's come to Xavier's School from the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles to learn to control his skin, at least enough for him to appear as he did before his powers developed - normal. Features Growing Fingers and includes Gen-X Display Base!"
The Protector
"Mutants. Individuals, like the members of Generation X, born with special powers and abilites. Hated and feared by ""normal"" humans, they need protection and a nurturing presence to survive - according to their self-appointed guardian, the invincible, armored Protector. Using advanced weaponry to gather mutants on the behalf of his mysterious benefactor, Protector has sworn to deliver mutants unto salvation...whether they want to be ""saved"" or not!"
White Queen (Generation X)
"The former White Queen of the sinister Inner Circle, the telepathic Emma Frost, recently re-evaluated her philosophy and alliances. As a result, she has accepted Professor Charles Xavier's offer to join Banshee in training Generation X, the next class of young mutants enrolled at his school. Shrewd, manipulative, and hardened by her villainous past, Emma Frost will provide the tough guidance necessary for her new students to make it through the turbulent times ahead. Features Psychic Energy Spear and includes Gen-X Display Base!

5"" tall."

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