Xorn Figure Marvel Legends Blob Series BAF Hasbro

Xorn (Marvel Legends)

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"A being of unimaginable power, Kuan-Yin XORN spent his childhood locked away in a Chinese prison, hidden from the people who feared his power. His mind was a miniature sun, its dense core encased within a metal mask designed to contain its furious energies. When the evil twin of Professor Xavier, Cassandra Nova, threatened the universe, Kuan Yin was a key element in helping the X-Men defeat her. He was then recruited to a teaching position at the Xavier Institute and came to instruct the Special Class. At some point Kuan Yin was coerced by some unknown party into believing he was the X-Menís most vigilant enemy Magneto, and he then launched a devastating attack on New York City which was countered by the X-Men. Xorn killed Jean Grey and was then slain by Wolverine.

Add this articulated 6"" tall action figure to your collection. Ready for whatever mayhem comes his way, this Juggernaut figure is highly detailed and one of eight in the Blob Series. Collect all eight figures (each sold separately) to build the Blob!"

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