Yuuzhan Vong Kyle Katarn Action Figures Comic Packs

Yuuzhan Vong & Kyle Katarn

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"Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn and New Republic agent Jan Ors help Imperial officer Pallin free a group of people on Ord Sedra who have been enslaved by the Yuuzhan Vong. But the flimsy cells in which the Yuuzhan Vong have been placed may not be strong enough to hold these cruel conquerors until morning.

Get ready for twice the Star Wars story excitement with this comic-and-figures pack! First, read all about the thrilling inter-galactic struggles in your copy of Star Wars Tales #21—and then act out the storyline or create your own with your poseable Yuuzhan Vong and Kyle Katarn action figures! Each are 3.75"" scale."

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