Infantry (Code Name: Cobra Viper, Cartoon Series)

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COBRA VIPERS are the backbone of the COBRA legions. They are highly motivated, superbly trained and formidably equipped. All COBRA VIPERS are issued a combination assault rifle/grenade launcher, the rifle part of which can function as a short burst assault weapon, a sustained fire cover support weapon, or a long range marksman rifle with an advanced light-intensification night vision telescopic sight with a built-in range finder. Multi-layer body armor and wraparound acrylic/composite helmets with built-in TRO (radio telecommunications) gear are standard issue.

Thwart GI JOE team members or just build your collection! with this outfitted action figure. Fully articulated, this 25th Anniversary figure comes with a weapon, backpack and grenade accessories, and a display stand.


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