The Thing and The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Legends Masterworks)

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A Marvel Super Spectacular! Green skinned and gamma powered, it's the incredible, unstoppable Hulk versus the ever-lovin' blue eyed Thing -- Marvel's two classic titans collide in the all-out smash and bash battle of the century! When scientist Bruce Banner gets angry, his human form gives way to become the impossibly powerful, devastatingly destructive Hulk. Transformed into The Thing by cosmic radiation, Benjamin J. Grimm if the only hero with the power to stand in his way. With an impenetrable orange rocky hide and super strength, this wayward member of the Fantastic Four will pit his awesome might against the Hulk in this legendary, pulse-pounding fight to the finish where only one can triumph! Both stand approximately 4" tall. Includes a 32 page comic book.


| No reviews for this product.

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